Scholar /skälər/

A specialist in a particular branch of study


The Oxford Dictionary describes a scholar as someone who is highly educated in a particular field, in reference to the Charleston Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease, we refer to our New Vision Awardees as New Vision Scholars. These New Vision Scholars are specialists in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), the 6th leading cause of death in the United States which affects over 16 million Americans.

The Charleston Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease (CCAD) aims to push the frontiers in AD research and find a cure. That is why CCAD invites the top fifteen early-career researchers in the US who study the disease to share their ideas.

Scholars, are the top three investigators that receive one of three $50,000 New Vision Awards to continue their research in Alzheimer’s. To learn more about our conferences here.



Spotlighting a /skälər/

NAME: Dr. Shannon L. Macauley-Rambach, PhD

UNIVERSITY: Wake Forest School of Medicine

RESEARCH TOPIC: Alzheimer’s Disease



New Vision Award Scholars