Mark Burns.png

Mark Burns, Ph.D.

Georgetown University

Associate Professor

Dr. Burns received his B.S. (Physiology) from the University College Galway, Ireland in 1997, and studied the role of nitric oxide synthase in preclinical models of depression for his PhD in Pharmacology from the National University of Ireland, Galway (mentor: Brian E. Leonard). His postdoctoral research was conducted with Karen E. Duff at the Nathan S. Kline Institute / NYU until 2004, and focused on the role of cholesterol in Alzheimer's disease. He moved to work with Bill Rebeck at Georgetown University in 2004 to continue his work on cholesterol and Alzheimer's disease, and during that time began to work on TBI to study the production and relevance of AD proteins produced after brain injury. In 2009 he established the Laboratory for Brain Injury and Dementia.