Funding Innovative Scientific Research



We are excited to bring forth a New Vision that supports early-career scientists who express out-of-box ideas and soldier on fighting a variety of diseases.  We are a private non-profit and we proudly call ourselves the New Vision Research (NVR).

NVR seeks to transform the way we fund science by investing in the researcher and letting them do what they do best; inquire, investigate, experiment.   NVR will focus on privately funding scientists in two basic ways.

We will continue to sponsor conferences in disease specific related areas including its principal conference: The Charleston Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease (CCAD). We will also individually sponsor scientists handpicked as emerging leaders in innovative research.

NVR stands on the three pillars it was founded on: Education, Innovation and Collaboration.


We educate scientists about the application and review process for government grant funding. We support innovative research that may have difficulty receiving funding through more conventional channels. We encourage scientists from varied backgrounds to collaborate with each other toward a common goal. We invest in innovative early career scientists. 

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